Airport Transfer

  • Airport Transfer
  • Airport Transfer

Airport Transfer

Our airport transfer can be booked up to 24 hours before arrival and is only guaranteed after confirmation by us. The transfer is usually carried out for 1 to 3 persons at the prices mentioned. From 4 persons there are additional costs.

Please let us know also the airline and flight number. Thanks.

Choose the service you want:
  • Airport 2-Way Transfer for THB 1'699
  • Airport pick-up for THB 899
  • Airport drop-off for THB 899

Secure payment is via PayPal Invoice (usual credit cards and PayPal credit, up to country of origin by debit cards and bank direct debit).
The transfer can also be paid at check-in with guaranteed and paid hotel booking, please let us know the travel agency and booking number.


Note: Do not disclose further personal or payment information in your message.